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VNCcloud Overview

VNCcloud allows you to store your data privately and securely in your own cloud-storage, hosted in your environment. Users can access and share their data on any device and any OS, using the web-browser of their choice or sync the cloud-data with a local folder, using the desktop sync-client or via webdav protocol.

VNCcloud is integrated with other VNClagoon applications, like

  • VNCmail where users can attach files from VNCcloud directly to composed eMail or save attachments of received eMail straight to their personal cloud.
  • VNCtalk to attach files to or download files from chats and groupchats directly to their VNCcloud storage.

VNCcloud provides the following services to the user:

Feature Description
File Sync & Share VNCcloud enables your team to collaborate, access company files, share documents on their prefered devices, wherever they are.
File access from any device With VNCcloud, your team can work on files and co-author documents anywhere.
Access from your browser Users can connect to their account on the VNCcloud server using the web-browser of their choice; just enter the server-URL of your VNCcloud server and enter your username and password.
File Favorites To organize the most crucial or important data, users can add a files or folders to their "Favorite" list.
Tags VNCcloud provides a possibility to create a tag system to organize and find files and other information easier.
Universal File Access Users can sync their data bidirectionally via desktop sync clients, webdav or mobile app.
Sharing with internal and external users The internal and external sharing features of VNCcloud let users share content not only with people in your organization but outside the organization (such as partners, vendors, clients, or customers) by providing publically accessible or password protected download-link to shared files or folders.
App for mobile devices Allows users to store their files and folders on various mobile devices – always available, even without an internet connection.
Integrated with VNCtalk Seamless integration with VNCtalk. All features of VNCcloud are also available within VNCtalk.
Activity Stream The "Activity stream" feature allows users to keep up with their colleagues’ progress and see who did what in which file or folder at a certain time.
Comments Users in the organization can comment on files and folders.
Full-text search VNCcloud provides an interface (search bar) to find data and files quickly.
Office Integration Users can edit office documents directly in the web-browser – with Collabora and OnlyOffice - and work on them collaboratively with other users.
Bookmarks VNCcloud gives the users an option to remember their favorite and frequently visited websites.
Music Integration VNCcloud gives the users the option to store audio files, categorized by artists and albums.

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