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VNCtalk App First Start

After you installed the VNCtalk App

  • from the Google Playstore or a different source for Android-OS
  • the AppStore for Apple-iOS

and start it for the first time, it provides you with a screen, where you can apply for a testaccount on our demo-server:
In case you already have an account on a different server, you first need to change the Server-URL by tapping on Change server URL

In the opening screen, delete the prefilled and currently configured default-URL and replace it by your VNCtalk Server's URL.
Tap the LOGIN button, once done.

This will take you back to the login screen, where you can enter you login credentials to the Server you just entered and finally tap on LOGIN to log into your VNCtalk account:

For our user manuals, follow the links below and skip the first section on creating an account:

VNCtalk App User Manual

VNCtalk Web Client User Manual