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VNCcommander Overview

Updated till version 1.0.0

VNCcommander is the central place you need to be perfectly organized. You can find, view, and manage all your important messages, emails, chats, tasks, appointments and much more in 1 place!

To see more information - refer to "Product Description" page on our website.

VNCcommander provides the following services to the user:

  • Stream view: showing all new items from the selected products (with a counter), such as new emails, upcoming tasks or appointments, new chat messages etc;

  • Tags: tag all items across all products and filter items according to tags;

  • Global search: search globally across all connected products, or in selected products or for tagged items, the search also includes attachments;

  • Global user profile: access to your user profile from every VNC product;

  • Creating new items across your subscribed products: create new tasks, mails, chat messages, etc. on the fly;

  • Highly secure and GDPR compliant: it can be implemented on-premise as well as hosted in a datacenter of your choice.

Documentation references: