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VNCproject Overview

Updated till version 5.0.9

VNCproject is a web-based project management and issue tracking software. It allows users to manage multiple projects and associated subprojects. It combines issue, task and ticket management, scheduling, progress monitoring, Gantt charts as well as time tracking, wikis, cost control, team management and powerful project planning features.

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VNCproject provides the following features:

Feature Description
Ticket Management The ticket management module allows you to plan, review, and manage tickets and tasks. Color codes and a ticket overview sorted by priority, (sub-)project, assignee make it easy to distinguish important or urgent tickets from ones that can wait.
Calendar and Scheduling The Calendar view within VNCproject provides you with a more focused view of all tasks that have to be handled within the next days – or within a given time frame, regardless of their importance. This makes it easier for you to focus on assignments that come with a defined due date.
Gantt Charts Gantt charts help you plan and track your project better by giving you a visual representation of the current status of the project with respect to your initial plans. Within the Gantt tool in VNCproject you can modify the view by zooming in or out to have a better overview over a certain period of time. Integrated drill down functions provide you with further details on a specific ticket or project phase.
Timesheets Timesheet has a clear structure, showing the date of delivery, type of activity, corresponding project, ticket and comments. You can log details of each task and track all from a single place in a timesheet system. Time management in a project can be done by logging time daily or weekly.
File Management You have an option to attach files to any task to quickly share relevant documents with your project collaborators.
Agile Board & Achievements Agile boards allows enterprises to follow a wide range of project management processes. The versatility of the Agile board makes it a powerful visual tool for planning, tracking, and monitoring progress on any set of tasks from one or more projects.
Meta Roadmap Planning The roadmap provides a highly customizable view on the issue tracker that help the team members plan and manage the project development. It also provides an in-depth overview of the current state of your project.
Performance Ranking Performance Ranking helps to evaluate the performance of team members with Key Performance Indicators (here called KPIs) as basic analytical measurement values. The following ratios are used and can be adapted to your scenario: number of ticket reassignments, number of time adjustments, number of Spent Time Adjustments, time overrun percentage and the number of all tickets with time overrun (or underrun) in percent in detail.
Earned Value Management The Earned Value Management module is designed to identify and assess the actually achieved progress of a project in relation to the planned target.
Recruitment Supports different stakeholders in an organisation with the selection of new team members and enables the collection and presentation of the following data: Job Position, Job Description, Applicant management with recruitment stages, Assessment with evaluation of skills and skill levels, ect.
Tickets creation via Email VNCproject allows you to create tickets from any email application.
Email notification VNCproject automatically informs you via email as soon as new tickets have been created and assigned.
Wikis and Discussions The Wiki feature within VNCproject enables you and your team to create project-based Wiki pages to store relevant knowledge about the specific project at one central place. Additionally, team members who are involved in a project can use the Discussion feature to comment on tickets, assignments or other objects.
Intelligent Help Desk Within VNCproject a professional Help Desk Issue Tracking-System is implemented, which is based on ITIL Best Practices. This System supports various issue types and the escalation from an issue to a problem to a change request. Furthermore the modifiable Issue Workflow can be customized for any kind of SLA, escalation routine, team and role structure.
Permission Management The permission management within VNCproject is role-based and configurable. It enables Single Sign-On by using VNCdirectory or LDAP authentication, supporting several LDAP instances. Moreover VNCproject enables automatic and manual user account creation.
Messages and Notification VNCproject sends notifications to inform you about project activities, changes, status, news, tasks and of course the progress of any other project member. In return a user, customer and partner can send email messages to VNCproject to create tickets.

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