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VNCcrm Overview

Updated till version 1.1.9

VNCcrm provides a central place to store customer and prospect data, track customer interactions, and share important information between team members. It gives you a 360° view of your customer, enabling you to build better relationships by engaging in more personal and relevant ways.

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VNCcrm provides the following features:

Feature Description
Lead Management Manage your prospects to the point where they make a purchase. Track every touchpoint with the company, e.g. chat, email, etc., and stay on top of all activity - for yourself and the entire team.
Opportunity Management Identify and capitalize on potential sales opportunities by tracking, analyzing, and managing customer interactions throughout the complete sales cycle.
Dashboards and Sales Pipeline Sales pipelines and dashboards for easy-to-read visual representation of your sales pipeline. They help you to monitor and handle your sales prospects as they move through the different stages of the buyer's cycle.
Establish Priorities in your Sales Process See your hottest leads and most promising opportunities at the first glance, so you can focus on what is most important.
Calendar View and prioritize your CRM Tasks, Opportunities, Activities, and other date-related CRM objects.
Notifications Tailor your notifications in the notification center: you can choose between sound alerts with your favorite ringtone, badge colors, sticky notifications or email notifications after a certain period.
Switch to your Application With one click you can switch from the VNCcrm dashboard and pipeline to any VNClagoon application to benefit from the whole set of functionalities. When you’re done, you can switch back to VNCcrm just as easily.
Latest Frontend Technologies The VNCcrm UI works on mobile phones, desktop PCs and tablets. VNCcrm will adapt to your needs, no matter which device you will use.
VNClagoon Integration VNCcrm is integrated within the VNClagoon Suite of communication and collaboration products.
Settings&Customization Individualize your CRM with specific settings for e.g. your opportunity stages. Or change your preferred language.

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