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VNCchannels Overview

Updated till version 2.0

VNCchannels is a safe place to store data, share insights, grow knowledge, and collaborate.

A Channel is a container for various Topics enabling the management of users, access, permissions, and subscriptions. A Topic is a post in a Channel with varying content, which can be collaborated and commented upon by its members according to their permissions.

You can create either public Channels to include everyone in the workspace or private Channels for selected members only to enable private conversations in smaller groups. Invite additional members as moderators or participants whenever you like. All your content including text, files, images, videos, and more finds its place in persistent Channels organized by topics and tags.

Detailed information about VNCchannels can be found on

VNCchannels provides the following services to the user:

Feature Description
Channels Create new Channels with descriptions and various settings. Create public (including everyone in the workspace) or private Channels (for selected members only) and add users to Channels. For more information, refer to the "Channels" section.
Topics Enter a Topic name, add the Topic header image and description, select the Channel where you want to create the Topic, add tags, enable or disable comments, and upload files. For more information, refer to the "Topics" section.
Video topics You can add videos super fast in your Channels: you either embed the video with a link (e.g. from Youtube or Vimeo) or upload the video directly as a file, then you add the title and further information such as tags if you like. For more information, refer to "Create a video topic in a channel" section.
Analysis topics It is a condensation of e.g. research texts, fact-finding documents, or comprehensive studies and has the goal of delivering a concise version of something, especially a text. For more information, refer to "Create an analysis topic is a channel" section.
Scheduled topics Schedule a date to publish the Topic. For more information, refer to "Schedule a topic" section.
Related topics Build mind maps with Topics and link them to each other to gather similar but yet different topics. For more information, refer to "Add a related topic" section.
Subscriptions and further options Subscribe to/ unsubscribe from public or private Channels or Topics, pin/ unpin Channels. Customize the display of Topics and work with related Topics.
Archiving and Sharing Archive/ unarchive a Channel, copy or send a Channel or Topic link, or forward a Topic.
Channel Notifications Mute/ unmute a Channel and customize notifications in the notification center.
Smart Objects Topic types such as Analysis Topics allow complex documents with “smart links” to build interlinked texts. For more information, refer to the "Smart Objects" section.
Favorite channels Channels can be marked as „Favorites“. This makes it much easier to find and retrieve important information. For more information, refer to "Add a channel to the "Favorite" list" section.

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