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VNCchannels Overview

Updated till 1.1 version

VNCchannels is your place to store data, to search and retrieve information and to generate knowledge – collaboratively!


A Channel is a container for various topics enabling the management of users, access, permissions and subscriptions. A Topic is a post in a Channel with varying content, which can be collaborated and commented upon by its members according to their permissions.

With VNCchannels you can create either public channels to include everyone in the workspace or private channels for selected members only to enable private conversations in smaller groups. All your content including text, files, images, videos and more finds its place in persistent channels organized by topic and tags.

There are 2 roles in a channel: Participant and Moderator.

Participant can:

  • copy and send a channel link;
  • subscribe to a channel and unsubscribe from a channel;
  • mute/unmute a channel;
  • pin/unpin a channel;
  • create a topic in a channel;
  • edit a topic;
  • add files to a topic;
  • subscribe to a topic and unsubscribe from a topic;
  • archive and unarchive a topic;
  • delete a topic;
  • mark a topic as read/unread;
  • like a topic;
  • add comments to a topic;
  • forward a topic;
  • copy and send a topic link.

Moderator can:

  • perform all operations that are available for a participant;
  • create a channel;
  • edit a channel information;
  • change a channel type: from public to private and and vice versa;
  • archive and unarchive a channel;
  • delete a channel;
  • add tags to a channel;
  • add users to a channel;
  • remove users from a channel.

VNCchannels provides the following services to the user:

  • Channels: you can create a channel, add topics and participants to the channel. For more information, refer to "Channels" section.

  • Topics: you can create a topic in any channel, add tags, enable or disable comments, upload a file. For more information, refer to "Topics" section.

  • "Smart link" information: you can create a web of information and aggregate knowledge within Channels or Topics. These “smart links” can also be used to link to other VNClagoon components like chat messages from VNCtalk, emails from VNCmail, tasks from VNCtask or tickets from VNCproject.

  • "Power Search": you can retrieve all information you search via our extremely powerful VNCindex.

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