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VNCfluid Overview

VNCfluid is your 360° Dashboard, where you get a quick overview about any new events happening in your VNClagoon Suite. The VNCfluid Dashboard consists of different „Dashlets“ according to your individual subscriptions. Each Dashlet contains the information of one VNClagoon product.

From VNCfluid you can access each VNClagoon element with one click and perform quick actions, like answering an e-mail or chat message, or you can easily open each VNClagoon product from the VNCfluid sidebar (App Selection Menu) to give you the full experience and feature set of the application.

Detailed information about VNCfluid can be found on

Applications included in VNCfluid:

App Description
Communication suite
VNCtalk VNCtalk allows chatting, video and audio conferencing, screen sharing, voice messaging, file sharing, document collaboration, and much more. Stay one step ahead with built-in applications like Channels, Broadcasts, and Social — all accessible from VNCfluid.
VNCmail VNCmail is an enterprise-class solution for company collaboration with email, calendar, and file-sharing tools. VNCmail offers all relevant mail features such as inbox, folders, filters, signatures, and spam filters.
VNCcontacts VNCcontacts offers an easy-to-use yet powerful contact management that allows fast access to all address books and enables interactions with installed VNClagoon applications like VNCtalk or VNCmail. Each contact can be fed with various information, such as private and business addresses, birth dates, nicknames, various phone numbers, and all other information you may need.
Collaboration suite
VNCbriefcase Briefcase allows you to upload files and save them in your mailbox, and then gain access to these files whenever you sign in to your account from any device.
VNCcommander VNCcommander enables access to all the most recent events from any of your VNClagoon applications at a glance.
VNCcalendar With VNCcalendar, you can quickly schedule meetings and events and get reminders about upcoming activities, so you always know what is next.
VNCproject VNCproject allows users to manage multiple projects and associated subprojects. It combines issue, task and ticket management, scheduling, progress monitoring, Gantt charts as well as time tracking, wikis, cost control, team management and powerful project planning features.
VNCtasks VNCtask is a powerful app for the professional to-do list and task management. You can create and share tasks with lots of additional information, such as start and due date, description, assignee, and all other information you may need.

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