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VNCcommander FAQ

General Information

Q: What is VNCcommander?
A: VNCcommander is the central place where you can find, view, and manage all your important messages, emails, chats, and tasks in one place. VNCcommander – as a part of the VNClagoon stack – offers our partners and customers a super professional and highly secure (GDPR compliant) alternative to Slack and other proprietary collaboration software.

Q: What languages are supported?
A: VNCcommander currently provides support in 2 languages: English and German. You can select your language from the Settings page. Learn more about selecting your language setting.

Q: Which web browsers are supported?
A: Current versions of Google-Chrome/Chromium, Firefox-ESR, and Firefox Quantum are supported.


Q: What are the features of VNCcommander?

  • Customizable start page. The start page gives you quick access to all the products you are subscribed to (VNCmail, VNCtalk, VNCtask, VNCcontacts, VNCcalendar, etc.).
  • Global search. Search across all subscribed products, in selected products, or for tagged items, this advanced search also includes attachments.
  • Stream view. Showing all new items from the selected products (with a counter), such as new emails, upcoming tasks or appointments, new chat messages, etc. In the stream view, you can group and sort the items and use filters to only see emails or chats, for example. If you have received an email you can read it and compose a reply while you are still offline.
  • Tags. You can tag all items across all products and filter items according to tags.
  • Global user profile. You have access to your user profile from every VNClagoon product.
  • Highly secure & GDPR compliant. Can be implemented on-premise as well as hosted in a data center of your choice.

Account Management

Q: How do I submit a support request?
A: You can submit a support request at any time through VNC Service Desk. Adding a support request is a good option if:

  • You face any issues
  • You want to report a bug
  • You have feature requests

To add a support request:

  1. Open VNCcommander.
  2. Click the user profile icon.
  3. Navigate to Help > VNC service desk.

In your support request, try to provide as much detail as possible about the issue or recommendation.

Q: Where can I set up my client and what options do I have here?
A: Click on your Avatar, which in the beginning is a bubble containing your initials, and select Profile from the menu. You can

  • Set an Avatar picture
  • View user profile information, such as Contact info, HR data, and Account details.

General Usage

Q: Can I start a chat/ group chat?
A: You can start a chat/ group chat by clicking the plus icon at the top left of your screen. See the "Start a chat" and "Start a group chat" sections for more information. You can also click on a contact in the contact list or search for a user to initiate a 1 on 1 chat.

Q: While creating a group chat there are more options available. What are these good for?
A: While creating a group chat you can also:

  • Make this group chat private which means that a chat can only be seen by invited participants; and members can only join by invite.
  • Make the room persistent which means that it will stay open even if the last user has left the room until this option will be disabled again or the owner chooses to Close conversation
  • Make the room public allows uninvited users to find the chatroom and join it as well
  • You can also activate/ deactivate OMEMO Encryption for this chatroom, in order to use end-to-end encryption for your communication.

Q: How do I share files?
A: In the Icon bar of the chat window, next to the text input field, there is a paperclip icon . Click it to open a file-browser dialog to attach files to the current chat, which makes the file downloadable for all chat participants.

Q: How do I compose an email?
A: There are two ways to compose an email:

  1. In the top left, click the plus icon and then Email.
  2. A box appears on the screen, here in the To field, add the recipient email. (If you want, you can also add recipients in the Cc and Bcc fields).
  3. After that add a Subject.
  4. In the body, write your message.
  5. Click Send.

See the "Compose an email" section for more information.

Q: How do I reply to VNCmail messages?
A: When you receive an email, there are several actions you can take on that message.

  • To answer an email, click .
  • To answer All participants, click .
  • To forward the message to someone not on the To or Cc lines, click .

See the "Reply to an email" and "Forward an email" sections for more information.

Q: Can I send multiple emails at once?
A: You can send the same email to multiple people but you can not send multiple emails to the same person at once.

Q: Can I create a task?
A: With the task feature in VNCcommander, you can create new tasks on the fly. See the "Create a task" section for more information.