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VNCmail Overview

VNCmail offers all relevant mail features such as inbox, folders, filters, signatures, spam filters, keyboard shortcuts – in short, everything you are already familiar with from your everyday communication. And the clean VNCmail design makes communication fast and efficient.

VNCmail is more than just a common groupware tool. It can be integrated with several VNC products to vastly extend its range of functionalities. VNCsafe connects for example to VNCsafe, a file sync & share product, to attach files directly to emails. Of course any email attachment can be stored in VNCsafe, too.

VNCmail is available as a Web Client, Desktop Client, and an Application for smartphones.

More information on VNCmail: VNCmail Description.

VNCmail provides the following services to the user:

Feature Description
All common email features VNCmail offers all features of an enterprise groupware: inbox, folders, filters, signatures, spam filters, keyboard shortcuts, color tags, and many more.
Offline features VNCmail provides the automated synchronization of offline emails created and sent as well as of new emails when online again. When you are offline you can read, compose, and delete emails; mark emails as read/unread; reply and forward emails; add and change email signatures in HTML/plain text format; start and unstar emails; save draft emails and send them (emails will be sent when you are online again).
Easy integration with other products VNCmail can be integrated with many VNClagoon products.
Usage of external email addresses for sending emails from VNCmail You can add any external email address to your VNCmail account and send emails from this email address.
Signatures VNCmail allows to add different signatures that will be visible in sent emails.
Generating auto-reply messages VNCmail has "out of office" option that allows to create auto-reply messages if you are out of an office or if you are on vacations. You can set the time period for sending the auto-reply messages and select whom to send these messages.
VNCcalendar VNCmail comes with a powerful VNCcalendar extension which manages not only private appointments, but enables professional group calendaring functions such as sharing and invitations. You can share your complete calendar to see each other's availability or, for example, birthdays and holidays in teams or the company.
Briefcase VNCmail allows you to manage documents. You can create briefcase folders and upload or create files there.
Contacts VNCcontacts is included in VNCmail and offers a powerful contact management tool where users not only can store any kind of contact with lots of information, but also can sort the contacts in predefined or individually created user lists.

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