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VNCmail Overview

Updated till version 3.0

VNCmail organizes your emails, calendars, contacts, and briefcases, all in one place.

VNCmail can be integrated with several VNCproducts to vastly extend its range of functionalities. Your email functionalities can for example be connected to VNCsafe, a file sync & share product, to attach files directly to emails.

VNCmail is available as a full-featured web client in a browser, a desktop client (Windows, Mac, Linux), and a VNCmail app (Android and iOS).

VNCmail provides the following features:

Tools & Extensions Features
Email - Compose and send a new email
- Read and reply to email
- Add attachments to an email
- Forward email to one or more recipients
- Search emails, attachments, briefcases, and calendars
- Create your folders to organize email
- Create tags with which to organize email
- Create filters to route incoming emails to designated folders
- Set up different account identities and addresses to manage different roles in a job or personal life
- Generate auto-reply emails
- Delegate permission to view or manage email folders
Calendar - Create and manage multiple calendars
- Create appointments, meetings, and events
- Delegate permission to view or manage your calendars
- See attendee's free/busy schedules, show our free/busy schedule
Briefcases - Create documents using a rich-text editor, add graphics, create links to web pages
- Upload any type of file to your briefcase
- Create folders to organize the files that you upload
- Delegate permissions to view or manage your Briefcase folders
Contacts - Store any kind of contact with lots of information
- Sort the contacts in predefined or individually created lists
Preferences - Manage how your mailbox features work
- Create email filters
- Manage your Share accounts
- Import and Export items including mail folders, contacts, calendars and more
- Set up an email address where task and calendar reminders can be sent

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