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VNCproject FAQ

General Information

Q: How does VNCproject work?
A: VNCproject is a web-based project management and issue tracking software. It allows users to manage multiple projects and associated subprojects. It combines issue, task and ticket management, scheduling, progress monitoring, Gantt charts as well as time tracking, wikis, cost control, team management and powerful project planning features.

Q: My Agile board is blank. How do I start?
A: Here's a quick rundown of the most important things to know when you're just getting started.

Step 1. Create a project

The first thing you need to do is to create a project. This can be done by the user with admin rights.

  1. Open VNCproject.
  2. Navigate to My page > Agile Board.
  3. Click the plus icon at the bottom and select New project.
  4. Fill in all the data.

Projects organize all the tickets related to a specific initiative, goal, or a big part of work.

Step 2. Start collaborating with your team

Once your teammates sign up for VNCproject, you can add them to any relevant project and start creating issues for them. As you all start collaborating in VNCproject, you'll receive notifications and can track your work more efficiently.

Step 3. Add your first ticket.

  1. Open VNCproject.
  2. Navigate to My page > Agile Board.
  3. Click the plus icon at the bottom and select Ticket.
  4. Fill in all the data. Read the "Create a ticket" section for more information.

You can make tasks for work you want to make done today, this week. or later on. You can also make tasks for other people on your team. You can add other teammates as watchers, so they'll get notified about any updates.

Q: How can I change my Time Zone in VNCproject?
A: VNCproject’s clock is determined by your computer’s time zone setting. Meaning, if you go on vacation or travel abroad and your computer time zone changes, your timezone in VNCproject will also change.

To change a timezone, follow the steps described in the "Manage the personal settings" section.

Q: How can I change my Time Zone in VNCproject?
A: If you encounter a "You are not authorized to access this page" error, it could be changes in permissions. You received a notification for a ticket or an invitation which was later marked as private. To solve this problem, you'll need to ask someone who has access to add you back, if appropriate.

Q: Is VNCproject available in languages other than English?
A: VNCproject is currently available in English and German. You can change language from the Account page. Follow the steps described in the "Edit the account information" section.

Ticket Management

Q: How to close a ticket?
A: When you've completed a ticket, select percent work complete from the % Done drop-down menu and change status to Closed. Post a comment so teammates know what you achieved.

Q: What is the difference for marking an issue as Resolved vs Closed?
A: Resolved means a Developer thinks he's fixed the bug, and Closed means the original reporter or a Manager has signed off on it.

Q: Can I mark a ticket as private after the creation?
A: Yes, you can check the private checkbox both during and after ticket creation.

Q: Сan I delete an issue?
A: If you create a ticket in error or decide it's unnecessary, you can delete it.

  1. Open VNCproject.
  2. Navigate to Projects > Issues.
  3. Search for a desired ticket. Click on the kebab menu icon to reveal additional actions.
  4. Select Delete.

Q: How do I attach an image to a ticket?
A: Yes, you have an option to attach files to any task to quickly share relevant documents with your project collaborators. Follow the steps described in "Attach a picture/photo/file to a ticket" section.

Roles & Permissions

Q: How to assign role to user in VNCproject?
A: A role is a collection of permissions. It lets you define the permissions that the members have on a project.

Each member of a project has one or multiples Role(s) for the project. If a member has multiple roles in a project, the permissions applied to the member is the combination of all roles' permissions. A user can have different roles for different projects.

You can create new roles or edit existing ones. You can delete a role only if nobody has this role on a project.

  1. Open VNCproject.
  2. Navigate to Admin > Users.
  3. Choose a user and then find the Projects tab.
  4. Here you can can add a project, where you also assign roles, or you can edit them.