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VNCcalendar Overview

Updated till version 1.0.3

VNCcalendar is a powerful application for complete calendar and schedule management.

VNCcalendar provides the following services to the user:

  • VNCcalendar is fed from various backend information systems such as VNCmail, VNCproject, VNCportal, and others – integrated as needed;
  • VNCcalendar provides every useful feature you are familiar with, such as different settings for the calendar view (day, work week, week, month), creating and displaying several calendars and sub-calendars in different colors, sharing your calendar with other users (entries are visible or private);
  • VNCcalendar offers all basic information for standard appointments like any other calendar. But VNCcalendar allows you also to add a list of required equipment. Furthermore, you can add the description as plain text or HTML for more structured information. And through the integration with different VNClagoon products you can also add appointments from emails you received, tickets you created or are assigned to;
  • VNCcalendar will remind you with notifications. Here, you can set different notification patterns for every single appointment.

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