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Time Overrun Report

Quick Overview of Time Overrun Report

A Time Overrun Report is a report that gets a fast overview of time overrun and the number of changes in logged time for any given ticket.

The timesheet report consists of two key components:

  • Filters (1)

There are several attributes to filter the Time Overun Report:

  • Time overrun updated = „this month“: The system will show a report only for those tickets where estimation/ spent time has been updated in the current month. The user may change this filter according to their needs. This filter is mandatory. If this filter is not selected, no record will be shown.
  • Time overrun ≥ 21: As we just want to see the ticket with a time overrun of more than 20%, this is why this filter is applied by default. The user can change this filter according to their needs.

You can use + filter to add more filters as Author, Assignee, Updated, % Done etc. If no more filters were chosen, the system shows only two default filters.

  • Main timesheet (2)

The "Main timesheet" block displays the detailed time log for each ticket in a comprehensive table with many criteria.

Column Description
Name Displays the name of the user.
Author Displays a ticket's author. The ticket author is linked directly to the respective user.
Issue Displays a ticket type (Bug Report, Feature Request, Change Request, etc.), a ticket number, and a description. The ticket type and number are linked to the respective ticket and make it easily accessible.
Estimated Time Display the initial estimated time.
Spent Time Displays the total spent time of a user in a selected ticket. You can separate the spent time of each user based on filters.
Due Date Displays the date that a ticket should be completed.
Duration Displays total duration of a ticket.
Duration adjustments Displays the number of date changes within a ticket.
Time overrun Displays the difference between actual completion period and approved time period.
Status Displays the status of the ticket.
Reassignment Displays whether the ticket was reaasigned.
Notes Displays comments of each user per individual entry.
Feedback Displays Controller's, Developer's, and Team Lead's comments.

Generate a report

Time overrun reports can be customized by administrators, or in some cases by non-administrator users, depending on the permissions given.

  1. In the navigation menu, click the kebab menu icon .
  2. Select Timesheet from the dropdown menu.
  3. In the upper right corner, click the TIME OVERRUN REPORT button.
  4. Under the Time overrun updated section, select a required date period.
  5. Under the Time overrun section, select a required value.
  6. Click + filter to filter results out by other attributes.
  7. Click Apply.
  8. Click the save icon to add the timesheet as a saved query.
  9. The timesheet is also available as a download in .csv and .pdf.