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VNCcontacts+ Overview

Updated till version 1.5.3

VNCcontacts+ is an extended version of VNCcontacts (see more information - "Welcome to VNCcontacts".

VNCcontacts+ is an access point to all information from the user and identity management within an organisation. For example, when you are in HR, you can access the HR information of your team from VNCcontacts+ and you can see the team’s user roles and permissions. Furthermore, when you view a contact, you see recent activities related to this contact (such as chat messages or emails sent) and you can trigger actions directly with this contact.

VNCcontacts+ is available as a full featured Web Client in your browser, Desktop Client (Windows, Mac, Linux) and the VNCcontacts+ App (for Android and iOS).

VNCcontacts+ provides the following services to the user:

  • Start actions using the following VNClagoon products: VNCmail (email), VNCtalk (chat, groupchat, audio/video calls, 1:1 and 1:x), VNCtask and VNCproject (task and project management);
  • Contact Lists: manage your contacts with contact lists;
  • Contact Groups: sort your contacts with contact groups;
  • Merge the duplicate contacts to avoid double entries;
  • Advanced Search: powerful search with different filters.

Documentation references: