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VNCfluid FAQ

General Information

Q: What is VNCfluid?
A: VNCfluid, a dynamic dashboard, brings transparency to communication and collaboration channels, prioritizes tasks, and automatically warns of critical deadlines.

Q: Who is VNCfluid for?
A: VNCfluid is for organizations of all sizes that need secure and agile hybrid work solutions for elastic workforces.

Q: What are the applications that are included in VNCfluid?
A: VNCfluid consists of communication and collaboration suites as listed below. Each suite in turn includes related applications contextually integrated.

  • VNC communication suite: VNCtalk (including Chats, Channels, Social, and Broadcasts), VNCmail, VNCcontacts.
  • VNC collaboration suite: VNCcommander, VNCcalendar, VNCproject, VNCtask, VNCbriefcase.

Account Settings

Q: What languages are supported?
A: Currently English and German are supported.

Q: Can I disable unused applications in VNCfluid?
A: You can control which applications are available within VNCfluid by enabling and disabling the ones. Refer to the "Enable/ disable applications in VNCfluid" section, for a step-by-step guide.

Dashboard Management

Q: What is the Action Wheel?
A: The Action Wheel is a pop-up that provides access to various quick actions with the respective person and displays the contact information of the one. The "Action Wheel" can be used from the VNCfluid Dashboard by clicking an avatar.

Q: Is it possible to customize the VNCfluid Dashboard?
A: Currently, you can enable the modules that you frequently use, and disable the rest by clicking the customize dashboard icon in the upper right corner of the "Recent Activity" section. Refer to the "Customize dashboard layout" section, for a step-by-step guide.

Q: Which quick actions can I perform?
A: The "Quick Preview" feature allows you to perform actions on chats, messages, and emails from within VNCfluid without opening an app.

The types of actions available in the "Quick Preview" window depend on the app module - VNCtalk or VNCmail.

Depending on the application (actions vary), you can do the following:

App Quick Actions
VNCtalk - Mark/ unmark a chat as favorite
- Type a message
- Add attachments to your message
- Use emoji
You can also perform the following actions with the message by hovering the message and clicking the kebab menu icon in the upper right corner:
- Reply to a message
- Star a message
- Forward a message to a friend
- Copy a message to clipboard
- Email a message to a friend.
VNCmail - Reply to an email
- Mark an email as read/ unread
- Mark an email as favorite
- Forward an email