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VNCtalk Overview

Last update: January 18, 2020

VNCtalk is a specialized application for real-time communication. It provides the services for text chat, video chat, screen sharing, file transfer and VNCpad for collaborative document editing. VNCtalk helps your business and your employees to communicate, collaborate and interact more effectively. The only precondition to use the application, is a modern Web-Browser.

VNCtalk as Web Client and Desktop Client provides the following services to the user:

  • Chat(s) and group chat(s): with any number of users;

  • Broadcast(s): with any number of users;

  • Video and audio call(s)/conference(s): with any number of users;

  • Archiving chat(s): you can archive required chat(s) and store important information in "Archive" list;

  • Send geolocation: you can send your geolocation instead of typing required address;

  • VNCpad: you can create/update/delete/rename a document and edit it with multiple users at the same time;

  • File(s)/picture(s)/photo(s) transfer: you can exchange file(s)/picture(s)/photo(s) with other users;

  • "FAVORITE" list: you can add user(s) to "FAVORITE" list;

  • "BLOCKED" list: you can block user(s); all blocked users are added to "BLOCKED" list and you can unblock them any time;

  • Voice message(s): you can record and send voice message(s) to the chat(s), group chat(s) and broadcast(s);

  • Rich Text Format: you can enable the interface for editing rich text in the chat(s), group chat(s) and broadcast(s), which presents a user with a "what-you-see-is-what-you-get" (WYSIWYG) editing area;

  • Quick access to sent images/documents/audios: there is "Media" folder in each chat, group chat, and a broadcast where all sent images/documents/audios are stored; you do not need to waste your time on searching required images/documents/audios, because they are stored in one place;

  • "Mention" list: all messages, in which you are mentioned, are stored on "Mention" list; you do not need to open and check each chat where you are mentioned, you can just open this list and look through the messages; also the list allows to go to required chat easily;

  • Send a message by mail: you can send important information by mail from the chat, group chat or broadcast;

  • Support: if you face any issues or bugs, you can contact VNC Service Desk any time;

  • Theming: adjust the application theme;

  • Search for starred messages: retrieve important messages easier;

  • Save chat history: you can save chats before closing;

  • Screen sharing: show the participants of a video call the whole or a part of the screen.

  • Multi Conference Board: you are now enabled to conduct virtual events with very large numbers of participants.

  • Whiteboard:

  • OMEMO (Multi-End Message and Object) Encryption: the protocol creates a secure connection between users. You can customize the security settings: add devices ID to OMEMO list or remove them from it;

VNCtalk as App provides the following services to the user:

VNCtalk as App provides all the services, listed above, but also:

  • Quick reply: you can reply to a message on the main screen of your smartphone without opening the application;

  • "Enable keyboard on mobile" option: the keyboard appears immediately if you open the chat, group chat or broadcast in case this option is enabled, so you do not need to tap the message field and wait until the keyboard appears;

  • Several notification settings: with several notification settings you can enable/disable VNCtalk notifications in general - you can select whether you'd like to receive notifications at all, with or without chat text. Define whether and how often you want to receive email notifications, and whether they should be repeated, define whether you'd like to be notified by sound (and by which sound) or LED. Also you can enable/disable VNCtalk notifications for each single chat or broadcast.