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Zimbra Upgrade

Zimbra Upgrade 8.6.0 Ubuntu 14.04 to 8.7.11 Ubuntu 16.04

Upgrade procedure for a single server environment:

  • from Zimbra Release 8.6.0.GA.1153.UBUNTU14.64 UBUNTU14_64 NETWORK edition
  • to Zimbra Release 8.7.11.GA.1854.UBUNTU16.64 UBUNTU16_64 FOSS edition.

Steps to perform the Upgrade

  1. Upgrade Zimbra 8.6.0 Patch8 to 8.7.11 on Ubuntu 14.04
  2. Upgrade Ubuntu-OS from 14.04 to 16.04
  3. Upgrade Zimbra 8.7.11-Ubuntu14 to 8.7.11-Ubuntu16

We strongly suggest, to make a backup of your current Zimbra-environment before starting any upgrade-related procedures and propose to execute all operations in a screen.

1. Upgrade Zimbra 8.6.0 Patch8 to 8.7.11 on Ubuntu 14.04

  • login to your Zimbra server and download Zimbra Installation
  • download Zimbra 8.7.11Ubuntu14 Installation files to /tmp/:

    cd /tmp
  • extract the installation files and execute the installer with root privileges:

    tar xvfz zcs-NETWORK-8.7.11_GA_1854.UBUNTU14_64.20170531151956.tgz
    cd zcs-NETWORK-8.7.11_GA_1854.UBUNTU14_64.20170531151956
    sudo -s

    When you are asked to verify database store integrity, answer No:

    Do you want to verify message store database integrity? [Y] N

  • When you are asked if you want to upgrade, answer with Yes:

    Do you agree with the terms of the software license agreement? [N] Y
    Do you want to verify message store database integrity? [Y] N
    Use Zimbra's package repository [Y] Y
    Do you wish to upgrade? [Y] Y
  • Afterwards the installer detects already installed components:

    Scanning for any new or additional packages available for installation
    Existing packages will be upgraded
        Upgrading zimbra-core
        Upgrading zimbra-ldap
        Upgrading zimbra-logger
        Upgrading zimbra-mta
        Upgrading zimbra-dnscache
        Upgrading zimbra-snmp
        Upgrading zimbra-store
        Upgrading zimbra-apache
        Upgrading zimbra-spell
        Upgrading zimbra-memcached
        Upgrading zimbra-proxy
  • In version 8.7.11 there are two new components proposed, which you can select(Y) or unselect(N) for installation, these are zimbra-chat and zimbra-drive:

    Install zimbra-chat [N]
    Install zimbra-drive [N]
  • Afterwards you are presented with your choice again and asked if you want to continue, select Y here:


    The system will be modified. Continue? [N] Y

  • Now the System is beeing upgraded and when complete, you get the message:

    Configuration complete - press return to exit
  • Checking the zimbra-version, will now report 8.7.11 installed:

    su - zimbra
    zmcontrol -v
    Release 8.7.11.GA.1854.UBUNTU14.64 UBUNTU14_64 NETWORK edition.

2. Upgrade Ubuntu-OS from 14.04 to 16.04

Currently, the OS upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04 has to be done using a workaround, since as of right now, upgrading to 16.04 breaks the current Zimbra installation when following the officially suggested way, as reported in Bug 107436.

Check if you have enough space available in /boot/ partition for a new kernel and in / to download and install the necessary packages for Ubuntu 16.04.

  • Stop all Zimbra-services as user zimbra

    zmcontrol stop
  • When all services are stopped logout as user zimbra

  • Now create a file called /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades.d/allow-thirdparty.cfg with root privileges:

    sudo -s
    vi /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades.d/allow-thirdparty.cfg
  • and enter this content

  • save the file and perform the OS-upgrade via:

  • When you are asked if you want to replace config files that have been changed, choose N to keep the current ones.

  • When the release has been upgraded, the server is rebooted. Check the current Ubuntu-version after the reboot has been completed:

    cat /etc/issue
    Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS \n \l
  • In case not all zimbra services have been started completely after the reboot, please perform a service restart

    sudo su - zimbra
    zmcontrol restart
  • After all zimbra services are up and running again, Zimbra 8.7.11 on Ubuntu 16.04 is now ready.