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VNCcontacts Overview

VNCcontacts is the application for managing contacts and addresses. There is 1 special feature that makes VNCcontacts excellent - it is the powerful contact management which allows fast access to all interactions with installed VNC products like VNCtalk or VNCmail.

With VNCcontacts you can add, view and edit your contacts. You can see all past interactions with your contacts, for example your calls, text messages or VNCtalk chats. Thus, you have all your communication needs available at one click.

VNCcontacts is based on latest Angular technologies and is available for Android and iOS.

VNCcontacts includes the following features:

  • group contacts in folders;
  • move contacts between folders;
  • easy earmarking of favorite contacts;
  • great overview via individual contact lists;
  • filter and sort by criteria;
  • import, export and print (for example as PDF) saved contact lists (.csv files);
  • granular contact search;
  • different contact options at once: VNCtalk call, VNCtalk video call, chat or VNCtask. And VNCmail with all email options;
  • language support in English and German.

Also VNCcontacts allows to perform the following operations:

  • write emails with VNCmail;
  • VNCtalk call and video call;
  • create a task for a contact with VNCtask;
  • share a file in VNCsafe with a contact;
  • send a meeting invite.